Check-in 5
If you attend class on 1/27, you will have a chance to do this assignment in-class for the C5 grade

Consider the following grammar for addition and multiplication:

Expr $\longrightarrow$ Expr plus Expr
Expr $\longrightarrow$ Term
Term $\longrightarrow$ Term times Term
Term $\longrightarrow$ Factor
Factor $\longrightarrow$ intlit

Add parentheses to the above grammar. The new rule(s) should maintain implicit precendence, but allow parens that can override it. Don't worry about making the grammar unambiguous. Does this change whether the grammar is left-recursive, right-recursive, or recursive?

If you skip class on 1/27, you should complete the above assignment on your own.
Turn your work in on Canvas to the C5 folder by 11:59 PM on 1/29 (the Sunday following 1/27).