Check-in 4
If you attend class on 1/25, you will have a chance to do this assignment in-class for the C4 grade

These questions use the following state machine:

  1. Draw out an equivalent finite automaton to the given one after applying the ε-elimination technique described in class.
  2. Is the state machine an NFA (non-deterministic finite automaton) or DFA (deterministic finite automaton)?
  3. If the machine is a DFA, create an NFA that recognizes the same language. If the machine is an NFA, create a DFA that recognizes the same language.

If you skip class on 1/25, you should complete the assignment below.
Turn your work in on Canvas to the C4 submission box by 11:59 PM on 1/29 (the Sunday following 1/25).

Do all of the work described above. Additionally, show the ε-closure for each state in the above state machine.