Check-in 36
If you attend class on 11/27, you will have a chance to do this assignment in-class for the C36 grade

Draw the CFG for the following 3AC procedure. Indicate the IN and OUT sets for each basic block on a, b, c for a constant propagation analysis.

Assume c is global and all other vars are local

fun_foo:    enter foo
     L1:    getarg 1 [a]
     L2:    [b] := 2
     L3:    [c] := 2
     L4:    [tmp0] := [a] LT64 3
     L5:    IFZ [tmp0] GOTO L11
     L6:    [tmp1] := [b] ADD64 7
     L7:    [b] := [tmp1]
     L8:    call bar
     L9:    [tmp3] := [c] ADD64 7
     L10:   [c] := [tmp3]
     L11:   setret [b] 
     L12:    leave foo

If you skip class on 11/27, you should complete the above assignment on your own.
Turn your work in on Canvas to the C36 folder by 11:59 PM on 12/3 (the Sunday following 11/27).