Check-in 1
If you attend class on 1/18, you will have a chance to do this assignment in-class for the C1 grade

  • Explain the difference between the languages recognized by the following two regular expressions:
    1. (cake)|(death)
    2. cake|death
  • Create a regular expression that is as short as possible (in terms of characters used to write down the regular expression) but matches the same language as:


  • The ? operator is sometimes used to denote "zero or one" repetitions of its operand. As as example,
    matches a (0 repetitions of bc) and abc (1 repetition of bc).

    Using the operators listed previously, change the above regular expression so that it doesn't use the ? operator but specifies the same language of strings. Hint: you may use the empty string symbol ε in your answer

If you skip class on 1/18, you should complete the above assignment on your own.
Turn your work in on Canvas to the C1 folder by 11:59 PM on 1/22 (the Sunday following 1/18).